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Updates from Mrs. Peitsmeyer
Mrs. P’s Class Newsletter

God Keeps His Promises!

Christ Light: God Promises Abraham a Son and God answers Abraham’s Prayers

Memory Work: Tuesday- Psalm 3:5
Thursday: 1st Commandment
                         Friday: none this week (review)
Math: K- match up with dot cards, Top- it with Dot Cards, getting to know triangles, and number board
1- decomposing numbers within 10, exploring subtraction, pairs of numbers that add to 10 and data, 10 apples
Reading-  K- Families
                     Letter: Mm beginning sounds and writing  
                     out words with m sound.
                     Focus words: we
                1-  reviewing
                         Focus words: be, ride, run, we, like,
                         said, are, the
                   Focus diagraphs- ch, sh, qu, wh
Social Studies- In My Community, different kinds of community 
Science-  How Scientists Work
Music- music beats and notes

Art- Learning about shapes

PE-  they will be working their knees

Spelling-  Unit 5 (1st grade)
                     List: in, pig, did, sit, six, big

Show and tell- something that starts with the /m/ sound or /ch/ sound
A few Friendly Reminders!!!
We still have school on the 13th of September and 16th of September!

***Picture Day!! September 12th***

 NEW Homework- I appreciate your patience with homework. I will soon be sending home a homework sheet with 1st graders and Kindergarteners. This sheet will contain all the different skills and lessons learned for the week. I will ask that you go over it every night. There will be a place at the bottom of the page that I will ask that you initial it each night. On Friday, they will hand it into me. This will only be for their reading and the vocabulary they are learning that week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions!

Memory Work- I will be sending you a list of your child’s memory and the due dates. I also will put it in the newsletter. We work on our memory work every day but please encourage your child to work on it at home as well.
Volunteer and donations- I sure appreciate all your patience as I’m trying to set items and centers up for your children. It takes time and I’m on my way to setting these things up. After I have the centers for the children set, I may contact you for volunteer time or donations. Please do not feel obligated but if you are able to help please do! (wet wipes or baby wipes are always in need if you are able)
Lists- If you need a list of the memory work or are missing something please let me know! I will get it to you as soon as possible!
All About Me- There will be 2 students featured for each month.  I will be sending home an “All About Me” posters on Friday to each of these students and ask they fill these out so they can present them on the following Friday. This gives each student a chance to talk about how wonderful God has made them!

Blessings on your weekend!
Mrs. P