St. Mark Lutheran School
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About St. Mark Lutheran School

Quick Facts

St. Mark Lutheran School is affiliated with St. Mark Lutheran Church and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  WELS schools exist to educate children, strengthen families, and serve the church with the power of teaching that is deeply rooted in the Bible and fully expresses the love of Jesus.  WELS schools is comprised of 328 elementary, 25 secondary, 2 prepatory, and 388 early childhood eduation ministries.  These Lutheran institutions serve over 40,000 children and teenagers throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

  • St. Mark Lutheran School opened in the fall of 1978.
  • We serve both WELS congregation students and students of the community.
  • Education is offered for Kindergarten through 8th grade in a multi-grade classroom setting.
  • The 2015-2016 school year had an enrollment of 26 students.
  • Average student to teacher ratio is 13 to 1.

School Approval
St. Mark is categorized as an Approved School through the Nebraska Department of Education. St. Mark’s Lutheran School follows the Rule 14 Regulations for non-public schools.

All teachers are certified through the Nebraska Department of Education and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Common Questions

How do I enroll my child at St. Mark Lutheran School?
  • Contact Principal Jeremiah Drews at (402) 423 - 1497 or email
  • Complete an Enrollment Application – One can be sent to you, or you can download and print it here:  enrollmentapplication.pdf
  • Receive approval from St. Mark Board of Education after the application is reviewed.
What are the school day hours?
Classes begin at 8:30 AM and run through 3:30 PM. Students are expected to arrive no earlier than 8:00 AM and should be picked up no later than 4:00 PM.

Are there any Before and After School Care options available?
At this time, we currently offer an after school care service for students enrolled at St. Mark Lutheran School.  Please contact Mr. Drews for more information. 

How do I get my child to and from school?
If you are in need of transportation to and from school, please speak with Mr. Drews. He can assist in making arrangements for carpools.

Does St. Mark Lutheran School participate in any sports?
There are several other small Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Schools in the area with whom we do play some organized sports. In the fall we play volleyballl, during winter we play basketball, and in the spring we participate in track. All of our teams are co-ed. Grades 3-8 participate, and everyone on the team gets to play. We stress the fellowship, having fun, and “everyone participates” aspects of organized sports.

What can St. Mark Lutheran School offer my child in the area of technology?
The area of technology is one area that is considered a great strength at St. Mark’s Lutheran School.
  • Students at St. Mark have access to a number of computers; including six desktop computers in the computer lab/library, and five laptop computers which can be used in the classrooms.
  • The entire church and school are networked together.
  • Students must log on to the network and their activities can be tracked.
  • A wireless high-speed internet connection gives us internet access.
  • The school has five digital cameras which are used by the students for presentations and other assignments.
  • An interactive Smart Board allows the teachers and students to interact with content from a computer displayed on the whiteboard.
  • The teachers are continually being trained in the latest aspects of using technology in the classroom.
Do students take standardized tests?
St. Mark participates in the McGraw-Hill Terra Nova testing program. The 3rd-8th Graders take the tests in the fall of the school year.